Understand the safety of vacuum tables.

The pressure principle of the vacuum table:

The vacuum table is used to suck and clamp the plate by vacuum pressure. The surface of the board is relatively flat, and the lip of the suction cup is relatively soft and thin, and can be attached to the board. The vacuum pump draws a vacuum, and the inner cavity of the suction cup generates a vacuum, forming a vacuum negative pressure. The suction force of the vacuum table is proportional to the pressure (vacuum degree, the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the suction cup) and the area of ​​the suction cup, that is, the higher the vacuum degree, the greater the suction force. The larger the size of the suction chuck, the greater the suction force.

The safety of the suction force of the vacuum table under dynamic conditions:

The safety factor required for the acceleration factor produced by the traditional electric hoist is twice that of the vacuum pressure. In order to ensure safety, when the suction cup is configured and the safe vacuum pressure is set, the theoretical suction power of the suction cup is calculated under the condition of 60% vacuum, and then divided by 2 to obtain the required safe suction power.

The influence of suction cup and plate condition on actual suction:

The theoretical safety suction refers to the condition that the suction cup is not aging, not hardened, the suction cup is not damaged, cracked, the surface of the suction cup is clean, and the surface quality of the board is relatively good. The lip of the suction cup is more suitable for the surface of the wood, with less air leakage, and the vacuum degree can reach more than 60%. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe use of vacuum cleaning system for loading, please pay attention to:

1. Be sure to clean the lip surface of the suction cup (the side in contact with the suction cup) regularly, and check the suction cup for scratches, cracks and aging. If necessary, replace it with a new suction cup immediately.

2. When the surface of the circuit board is severely rusty and very uneven, the safety factor should be expanded, otherwise it may not be able to firmly attract it. Therefore, a quick hook system is applied. The four groups are symmetrically integrated at both ends of the beam. It is used in two situations:

①Suddenly power off during the loading process, use the diamond hook, the board will not fall, and will be loaded after answering the call.

②When the board is rusty or the thickness exceeds 10mm, lift it up a little with a suction cup, and then put on a diamond hook to ensure safety.

The influence of vacuum power source on vacuum pressure:

The vacuum table is used for manual paper feeding and needs to ensure the safety of personnel. The vacuum degree of the vacuum generator is lower than the vacuum degree of the vacuum pump, so it is usually safer to use the vacuum pump as the vacuum pressure source. Another factor is the need for high-pressure gas. In some factories, the gas supply is insufficient or unstable, and the arrangement of the gas pipes is inconvenient.

There are two types of vacuum pumps. One phase is three-phase/two-phase, and it needs to be connected from the workshop electrical box to the control box of the vacuum table system. If the customer is driving too high on site and it is inconvenient to connect to the power supply, please use a diaphragm pump and use a 12V battery to power it. Charge the battery regularly.

In general:

1. The vacuum table can safely perform laser cutting and feeding. As long as the configuration and purpose are correctly selected.

2. The smaller the rocker, the safer it is.

3. The worse the surface quality of the board, the greater the suction. Please choose a vacuum manipulator with high safety.

4. The vacuum degree of the vacuum power supply is an important factor in determining the vacuum pressure, and the vacuum pump can generate vacuum more safely.