The working principle of the vacuum table and the problem solving method.

The vacuum table is the actuator of the vacuum equipment. The suction cup material is made of nitrile rubber and has a great tensile force. Therefore, it is widely used in various vacuum equipment, such as construction, papermaking, printing, glass and other industries, to achieve adsorption and transportation. The cargo task and light are as thin as glass and paper. By improving the vacuum suction of some partial structures, a new type of flat vacuum table has been developed, which has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation, beautiful appearance, and strong retention. After maintaining the test weight, its performance indicators meet the design requirements.

The working principle of the flat vacuum table is to first connect to the vacuum suction equipment (such as vacuum generator, not shown in the figure) through the pipeline, and then strengthen the physical contact, such as glass, paper, etc., and start the vacuum equipment to generate negative pressure suction. , Suction, which will strengthen the material to be sucked firmly, which can improve the start of material conveying. When the lifting object moves to the destination, it smoothly enters the inflated vacuum suction force, the negative pressure suction force changes from negative pressure to zero or slightly positive pressure, and the vacuum table comes out to improve, thereby completing the task of carrying heavy objects.

In the case of using vacuum suction (without clamping), pay attention that the moving speed of the manipulator is not too high, otherwise it will generate a force against the pneumatic suction cup, which will make the product easy to drop during the rapid rotation. In some cases, you can use a fixture to ensure the safe delivery of the product. Taking into account the possible product sticking to the mold, it is usually possible to install an air clamp to solve this problem. When the surface area of ​​the product is too small or too heavy, the use of vacuum tables can also solve this problem by using clamps.

If the appearance requirements of the vacuum table are very strict, the parts cannot be clamped on the outer surface. To solve this problem, a sensing circuit can be installed. After confirming or maintaining the product of the suction cup clamp sensor, it will send a signal to the robot to the next step. The movement of the manipulator requires manual distortion or deformation, which can make the product or the mold forming area of ​​the product. In a separate case, a mobile manipulator can be added without relying on a special cylinder, so this problem can be improved.