The suction area of ​​the vacuum table when it is working.

Because the vacuum table has a special structure, it will be temporarily sealed after touching the object. According to the pneumatic tube chase or some machinery and equipment, the gas is pumped out or the diluent is placed in a sealed indoor space. In that way, the working pressure in the confinement is lower than the working pressure in the outside world. Therefore, there is a difference between internal working pressure and external working pressure. The external atmospheric pressure will firmly squeeze the object and the vacuum suction cup together. According to this method, we can see that the vacuum suction cup digests and absorbs the objects. After arriving at the arrival station, the enclosed indoor space is connected to the external atmospheric pressure. According to the basic principle, the vacuum table is a key accessory of the vacuum system. When the vacuum system sucks and crawls the product workpiece, the vacuum table directly contacts the product workpiece, which has the effect of sealing and connecting.

vacuum tables are generally used to fix and fix non-animal parts. The vacuum pump generator set, vacuum switch vacuum gauge and other spare parts are assembled together, which not only saves the cost of customers, but also facilitates the installation of customers. You can also select and design various functions according to customer needs.

There are many types of vacuum suckers, such as Dingqing vulcanized rubber, silica gel, fluorine rubber, natural rubber, etc. Different raw materials are suitable for different natural environments. For example, silicone vacuum suction cups are suitable for high temperature places, and Dingqing vulcanized rubber has good wear resistance. vacuum tables also have many specifications and models. The diameter of vacuum suction cups varies from -2mm to 300-400mm. , Vacuum suction cups include circular vacuum suction cups, oval vacuum suction cups, square vacuum suction cups, single-layer vacuum suction cups, double-layer vacuum suction cups, multi-layer vacuum suction cups, etc.

Reasonably absorb the total area. Although it is the diameter of the vacuum table, when the object is sucked by the working pressure of the vacuum pump, the vulcanized rubber will deform due to the working pressure of the vacuum pump, thereby reducing the total suction area. The reduction of the total area is called the total area of ​​reasonable suction, and the diameter of the vacuum table is the diameter of the reasonable plastic straw. According to the working pressure of the vacuum pump, the thickness of the vulcanized rubber of the glass suction cup and the frictional resistance between the suction rubber and the absorbent, the diameter of the reasonable glass suction cup will be different, and it can be reduced by 10% under normal conditions. Therefore, this point should be fully considered when selecting. Expose the glass suction cup from the suction edge.