The development trend of vacuum table

Nowadays, generator-type vacuum table are popular in the sales market, with simple structure, popularization of spare parts, and extremely convenient maintenance and manufacturing. But because the generator is compressed by air, the positive pressure is converted to negative pressure. The conversion rate is low, and the energy consumption is the larger one among all vacuum pump sources. The generator is damaged by the structure. In the application, the cutting oil is sucked in by the sealing strip and the negative pressure fluctuates greatly. During the re-cutting process, it is very easy to cause the parts to be piped.

The direct-flushing non-sealed self-identifying vacuum table, whether it is a generator type or a mechanical pump type, is at the cost of huge negative pressure loss. According to the small diameter suction holes on the stock plate, the negative pressure of the person in charge of the vacuum pump Under the premise of 2-3 times the total flow rate of the small-diameter suction holes, the parts are sucked. When cutting oil is used for production and processing, many suction holes suck the cutting oil, causing huge pressure on the mechanical pump. If you are not careful, adding water will cause the mechanical pump to be damaged due to too much water ingress. Automatic retrieval of plugging holes, although it has great advantages in terms of seasons, according to the identification of the cover layer to change the cross-sectional size of the suction hole to reduce the lack of negative pressure, in the case of mutual cooperation, the prerequisite of the automatic drainage pipe mechanical pump curing cabinet Great improvements will happen next.

At present, the bionic technology vacuum table has just begun to be popularized and highly valued. It is manufactured according to the basic principle of the posture of the simulated animal vacuum table. It saves resources, is convenient, and has subversive and innovative improvements. It is used in various applications from absorbing and releasing parts. One-time pneumatic valve, without the application of pneumatic valve in the production process, guarantees zero damage to the vacuum pump rate, automatically retrieves parts, does not need sealing tape, and it is not easy to cause harm to the disk during production and processing. This is obvious for the convenience of production and processing. It does not need to be sealed with a sealing tape, does not apply to a pneumatic valve, and can be applied at any time.