Precautions for the use of vacuum table.

The vacuum chuck is also called a vacuum sling. Generally speaking, it is a cost-effective method to use vacuum table to grasp products. There are various types of vacuum table. Rubber suction cups can operate at high temperatures. Suction cups made of silicone rubber are very suitable for gripping products with rough surfaces, and suction cups made of polyurethane are very durable. In addition, if the suction cup is required to have oil resistance in actual production, you can consider using materials such as polyurethane, nitrile rubber or vinyl-containing polymers to make the suction cup. Generally, in order to avoid scratching the surface of the product, choose a suction cup with a bellows made of nitrile rubber or silicone rubber. In the case of EOAT with vacuum table (without clamps), it should be noted that the moving speed of the manipulator cannot be too high, otherwise shearing force will be generated on the suction cups, which will cause the product to fall in sharp turns.

In some cases, clips can be used to ensure safe transportation of products. Considering that the product may adhere to the mold, it is usually possible to use an air clamp to install a vacuum suction cup to solve this problem.

When the surface area of ​​the product is too small or the product is too heavy to use a vacuum table, you can use a fixture solution to solve it. The reason why vacuum table are widely used is that they are also the same in very special environments. However, special attention should be paid to the vacuum suction cup under special circumstances, and some precautions should be paid when using it.

1. In a low temperature environment, when using a vacuum table in an environment below 5°C, measures such as air drying should be taken to prevent the condensation or moisture of the compressed air from freezing or freezing.

2. Impact and vibration The impact force applied to the vacuum component products should be less than 150m/s, and the vibration should be less than 40m/s. If this value is exceeded, a malfunction may occur.

3. When wiring the vacuum table pressure sensor, etc., please stay away from high-voltage power equipment, high-voltage lines and power lines that will interfere with them. Otherwise, it may cause a malfunction.