Precautions for the operation of vacuum tables in special environments.

vacuum tables are widely used, even in very special environments. However, special maintenance should be done for vacuum tables in special environments, and some things should be paid attention to when using them.

1. The vacuum table is used in a low temperature environment.

When using the vacuum table in an environment below 5°C, to prevent the condensation and moisture of the compressed air from solidifying or freezing, measures such as installing air drying should be taken.

2. Shock and vibration of the vacuum table.

The shock applied to the vacuum component product should be less than 150m/s, and the vibration should be less than 40m/s. If it exceeds this value, it will cause malfunction.

3. When wiring the wires of vacuum table pressure sensors, etc., keep them away from high-voltage power supply equipment, high-voltage lines, and power lines with large interference. Otherwise, it may cause malfunction or malfunction.

Do not use it in an environment with corrosive gas, chemicals, sea water, water, water vapor or the above substances.

When there is direct sunlight, use a protective cover to block the sunlight. When there is a heat source around, cut off the radiant heat. When the solenoid valve is installed on the control panel, take heat dissipation measures to meet the temperature range required by the specification. Please add a protective cover to protect the place where sparks splash during welding. Sparks will burn the plastic parts of the solenoid valve and easily cause a fire. When water droplets drop directly onto the solenoid valve, it will cause leakage and burn out the coil. Pay attention to the protection, install a protective cover for the solenoid valve or set it in the panel.