Briefly introduce the working principle of vacuum table power.

The vacuum table is powered by a vacuum pump and an imported vacuum pressure switch is selected, which can automatically compensate for pressure and make the suction lift more reliable. Suction and hoist 13*3 meters of plates, the weight of suction is 1000 kg, and the number of suction cups is 22. Each suction cup is equipped with a shut-off valve. You can close part of the suction cups as needed to suck and lift plates of different sizes. According to customer requirements, various specifications of power suction cups with a weight of 5000 kg and below can be sucked. The main benefits of the power vacuum table are:

(1) The vacuum degree required in actual work can be adjusted, and the vacuum degree (negative pressure) value at the time can be displayed in "real time" through the integrated digital LCD panel;

(2) The flow can be adjusted in size;

(3) Equipped with high-sensitivity imported sensors, flow control valves and precision control circuits to complete the automatic adjustment function, which greatly saves the developer's time and energy;

(4) Built-in low-interference, long-life miniature vacuum generator; with the special noise reduction system and shock absorption system for miniature air pump, it can ensure that the intelligent vacuum generator can work for a long time, with low noise and reliable;

(5) The core component is a miniature vacuum generator, so it inherits the advantages that the miniature vacuum suction cup is oil-free and pollution-free, and can operate continuously for 24 hours. It is a veritable dry vacuum generator, so it does not require maintenance, no need to add lubricating oil and Vacuum generator oil; the back of the intelligent vacuum generator.